DATE: Monday, Mar 30th; 2 pm EST

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Without our Hosts/Hostesses we wouldn't be able to carry out our team's mission of helping new or recently opened shops with few or no sales get a significant boost in views, faves and maybe their first sale! It's very rewarding and lots of fun and you'll have plenty of support from the rest of the team! So sign up, get a warm fuzzy feeling and be a hero to the shops you Sneak Attack!

If you are a member of the Handmade Movement Team on Etsy and would like to help continue our mission by hosting a Sneak Attack, you can find out how and sign up here



Monday, March 30, 2015


made this beautiful treasury of today's Sneak Attack "Victims" and our hostess Theresa of KraftyGrannysHome

Meet Theresa

Theresa from KraftyGrannysHome is hosting our sneak attack today at 2pm. A frequent host, Theresa has a knack for finding new Etsy shops to surprise.

I browse Theresa's shop frequently. She is always adding new creations and this one too cute. Oh, and I love owls!!

From owls, to quilts and so much more - you will find just the right 'creation' for you!

Join us in our sneak attack thread today, to see if you can guess who Theresa's victims will be.

Thursday, March 26, 2015


Today we did something a little different. Instead of having a specific host, as they had time, members of the team each randomly chose a shop or two and posted them in the Sneak Attack thread of the day.
We are promoting them over the next 24 hours.

Nancy of NicsPics4U made this wonderful treasury of today's "Victims"! 


Amanda of CuteNCurlyBowtique  also made a wonderful treasury of today's "Victims"! 


Meet Rosella

Rosella from PaintedMemoriesByRos is the Captain of our team - HandmadeMovement.

Ros, as we affectionately call her, started our team a little over 4 years ago. The goal:  to support independent artisans who are trying to sell their wares online.

Working more in the background, Ros keeps the team going, is always positive and loves to promote it's members.

Ros also has a way with photoshop - actually you should call her a 'guru'!!

An artist in her own right - she paints  the most beautiful scenes - many in black and white, others in color. Taking her images further - she creates greeting cards, framed paintings and is now dabbling in digital downloads.

One of Ros's most popular images is this dancer - she has appeared on fabric in a variety of creations!

Ros also has another shop - StickersNStuffByRos, for banners, stickers of all kinds and so much more to use for your business.

A much appreciated member, Ros is always there for you - come join our team!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Meet Susanne

Susanne from SussesSpindehjrne is hosting our sneak attack today at 4pm Etsy time.

One of our international members, Susanne works full time, hand-dyes and hand-spins yarn, as well as participate in our team. Have no idea how she manages to do it all and still make such wonderful creations as this pair of warm socks!

Susanne is also having a spring sale in her shop - great timing - you can shop and save money at the same time.

Come join us in our Sneak Attack thread - see if you can guess who the 'victims' will be today.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Meet Sandi

Sandi from HandmadeBySandi is hosting our sneak attack today at 3pm. A frequent host, she loves to find new Etsy shops with creations that catch her eye.

Sandi also loves cats and this is a favorite of hers!

She also has a plastic bag holder to match - check out her shop!

Come see what clues Sandi is providing us today at our sneak attack thread.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Meet Mary and Amanda

Mary from ElementalFiberworks and Amanda from CuteNCurlyBowtique are co-hosting our sneak attack today at 3pm.

Mary is a fairly new member and Amanda a seasoned one always willing to help where needed!

Mary is a gal after my own heart - I just love all kinds of fiber. And while I don't dye or spin yarn, I love to see the results of either or both! It takes a special talent to find just the right combinations of colors, and this is what Mary says it takes:

Spinning fiber meets dyes inspired by the elements, chemistry, science, and other awesome natural phenomena!

I love this color - don't you - be sure to read how she got her inspiration for it.

I love the knack for using fabric and ribbons that Amanda has. You can find her creations for every season of the year and every age! These are so cute - makes me wish I had long hair.

What will you find in these shops that will catch your eye?

Come join us in the sneak attack thread - we would love to meet you!