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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Etsy Shop Owner Donates to Our Giveaway

Etsy shop owners are a group of wonderfully creative and generous people. Their donations make The Handmade Giveaway possible. We thank them.

Spotlight on: Annette, Owner of Stockannette on Etsy

By day Annette has  an office job, and by night, she is part of an Indianapolis-based knit graffiti crew called the Yarnburners. Annette's Etsy profile tells us how she came up with such a unique name for her shop.  There is a stitch in knitting called "stockinette." Since my name is Annette and I knit every day, Stockannette became my alias, or "tag name" (and then the name of my Etsy shop)! Annette is also a member of the SNEAK Team on Etsy. Want to know more? Check out her blog: http://www.stockannette.blogspot.com or read her shop profile by clicking the link above. But first, sign up to win the Journal Annette has so generously donated from her Etsy shop!

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  1. Coolness! One can never have enough stuff by Stockannette.