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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Etsy Shop Owner Donates to Our Giveaway

Etsy shop owners are a group of wonderfully creative and generous people. Their donations make The Handmade Giveaway possible. We thank them.

Spotlight on: Lucy, owner of LucyCl on Etsy.

LucyCl is the owner of LuDesigns™ Jewelry and designs Artisan and Custom Jewelry. She lives in Chicago and enjoys being artistic and running her own business.  Lucy writes in her shop welcome; "Desiging jewelry has become my greatest source of entertainment. I enjoy sharing it with my customers." To find out more about Lucy and see her handcrafted jewelry visit LucyCl. But don't go before you sign up to win the necklace she donated. The winner will be announced at 6:00pm EST on April 29th!

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