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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Meet Engel

Have you met Linda yet? Linda owns the Etsy shop Engelfelt, and we all call her Engel. Linda is sponsoring today's Sneak Attack at 7pm, and we are looking forward to it, as Linda always comes up with such adorable shops to be our 'victims'.

Linda comes from a family of Danish craftspeople and artists who have all passed on their interest and abilities to the next generations. She was named for her Danish material grandmother - Elisabeth Engel.

In thinking about a name for her Etsy shop, her sister in law actually suggested the Engel part (Engel means "angel" in danish, and I've always collected angels). So Engelfelt it was. Felt from felting - which Linda loves to do, yes. But felt from feeling even more.

Linda loves working with fiber of all kinds, and taught herself how to make the most delightful felted soaps that when wet, lather up and the wool gently exfoliates your skin. Ah, such luxury!


Be sure to check out the other felted soaps that Linda creates, and chat with us here on the Sneak Attack thread!


  1. Hi Linda~this is gonna be a great sneak attack! Remember when your shop was new and you had no sales and you checked your shop for sales and hearts every 5 minutes???? Remember the feeling you got from your first sale??? New shops don't know about sneak attacks, treasuries and other fun stuff! This is going to make a new shop owner very excited and happy. Good Luck and thanks for being here to help support new shops! Great work being done here!!!!

    donna @ Valentine Fiber Arts

  2. Thanks for the "highlight", Sandi! And thanks for the support, Donna!
    I do so well remember checking the hearts and views and NO sales so very well. Like it was last year... Oh yeah, it was! :)

  3. I LOVE this feature! It's so neat learning all of these new things about the wonderful sponsors!! Looking forward to the attack tonight Linda!!!!

  4. I just discovered The Handmade Movement, and Sneak Attack. So. Awesome. I can't wait to watch and participate in some of these, and I'll be back for tonight's!

  5. Great view into the Engel we know and love! I learned several new things about her. You sponsored an awesome attack!

  6. Just discovered you today. Very excieted to join all the fun.