DATE: Thursday, June 22nd; 2 pm, EDT

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Monday, June 21, 2010

Meet Stock

Really, her name is Annette, but everyone calls her Stock, or StockAnnette- which is her Etsy shop name. And Stock is sponsoring our 'attack' today.

Stock is one of our frequent sponsors - she loves to surprise everyone with all the great shops she discovers that need our help! And we are delighted to provide that help during our Sneak Attacks that happen twice a week.

Stock is our busy little bee, always knitting away!


One of Stock's talents is creating Etsy Treauries. Etsy Treasuries are a way of highlighting a group of artists and their creations to make a shopping gallery.

Says Annette about the treasuries that she creates: Oh, Treasuries - I love them so! Sometimes they are inspired by one beautiful item I see on Etsy, and sometimes they are inspired by an event, a movie, or a memory. The hunt for "compatible" items is somehow very appealing to me... and it's very fun, because the wealth of wonderful items on Etsy is limitless - I can always always find enough things to fill one!

Be sure to check out Stock's adorable knitted hats for baby, and come chat with us at our Sneak Attack Thread! Our sneak attack starts at 7pm edt today.


  1. Oh how we all love our busy bee!

  2. Speaking of Treasuries, my latest is http://www.etsy.com/treasury/4c1d25d3bd2f8eef7d961968/untold

  3. Loving these interviews! Yay! Stockannette rocks!

  4. Stock is awesome! Our busy bee is a treasure in her own way!

  5. We love Stock! She's one of our busiest Sneak Attackers. I just realized her shop initials are the same as "Sneak Attack". Hmmmmmm......

  6. Stock is the best! We all love her treasuries and she gives great clues when she sponsors her Sneak Attacks!