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Monday, June 7, 2010

Our Sneaky Past: Sneak Attacks in the Storque

rachelherzog_1Over a year ago we had the honor of being featured in Etsy's official blog, "The Storque". The article was a huge success, garnering over 300 blog comments to date.

The post featured interviews with some of our first "victims", complete with faux "surprise" photos (like the one shown here with Rachel of Tickleworm). One of the interviewed sellers, MonkeysAlwaysLook, has gone onto become an Etsy featured seller and has now sold over 3500 items! And to think this was once an undiscovered shop chosen for a Sneak Attack.

The article is still up in Etsy's blog archive: Featured Buyers: Sneak Attacks From the Handmade Movement. It was so great being officially acknowledged by the Etsy staff. Have a look!

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