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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Overheard in the Forums on 6/24/10

Overheard in the ForumsNormally in this little feature I bring you excited reactions from "victims" of a Sneak Attack, but today I had to share a reaction of another kind - that of first-time Sneak Attack participant, Noelle"What fun! Just bought two bars of soap from greenleafsoap. First time I have ever participated in the sneak attack, what a lift for me. Had a totally crappy day; this was a nice way to end it, thinking of someone other than myself for a few minutes. Thanks for the opportunity to participate!"

Thank you, Noelle, for so sweetly reminding us that in helping others, we help ourselves.

-- Annette


  1. This is a great reaction from someone new to the 'sport' of sneak attacking! One can always get a lift from the Sneakers...whether it's buying, hearting, posting in the thread or just interacting with a bunch of really nice people!

  2. I had fun participanting yesterday in my first sneak attack I bought from Dardesigncards. Also great to help out another esty shop.

  3. How nice! Why would anyone NOT want to be part of a Sneak Attack? Everyone has fun. It is always a wonderful time!

  4. Rencontre Quimper...

    Dating has never been easier !...