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Friday, July 30, 2010

Ginger Oliphant Owner of Going Places 2 Donates to the Giveaway

I would like to introduce you to Ginger Oliphant. Ginger is the proud owner of Going Places 2 on Etsy where she creates and sells art prints from her Inspirational Dog Print Series, as well as felted wool items made from recycled sweaters, plus a few other surprises.

CollieGinger tells us a little about herself in her Etsy profile, 'I have always loved creating, crafting, designing and learning new things. I love paper & bright colors! I am a collector of inspirational quotes and like to use them in my artwork. I remember the days when I would search for "good" construction paper. Not any of that nasty, coarse stuff, but the smooth, bright and vivid kind. Perfect for all of that paper cutting I did.' Well, Ginger has created some bright, cheery and colorful prints and filled her Etsy shop with them for our enjoyment! Take a look at this Collie print, one of my favorites.

Ginger's love for dogs shines through in her creations just as her love for all things artistic is evident in her career choice. Employed as a graphic designer and a web designer she continuously nurtures her artistic side and it shows! I found this cute Apple Blossom Brooch as I browsed through Going Places 2.

BroochI encourage you to take a few moments and stop by Ginger's Etsy shop and pick out your favorite prints and see what all she has to offer. I am certain you will find several items that appeal to you. You will want to sign up for the Handmade Giveaway before you leave. With a little luck you could be our next winner and be able to enjoy Ginger's Inspirational Dog Series in your own home! If you are the lucky winner you will receive an email on August 13th. Be one of the first to know by being in the Sneak Attack Forum thread that night.

Until then, don't forget that you can join a fantastic group of fun loving Sneakers and help surprise an unsuspecting new Etsy shop owner any Monday and Thursday evening. No official invitation needed and no team to join. Stop into the Etsy forum thread and say 'hi' or just lurk about and see how crazy it can get!

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