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Friday, July 2, 2010

Make Someone's Day With Lemonade

delete_lemonadeIn the spirit of the Sneak Attacks, I'm starting a "once-in-a-while" blog feature about making someone's day, but in completely different ways from what we do here on this site.

Years ago I read a little book that was nothing more than a list of little things to do to make life richer for the reader and those all around him or her. Who knows how many of the suggestions subconsciously became a part of who I am, but one of them in particular has stuck with me all these years.

ALWAYS stop at lemonade stands. Always. Even if it means making a U-turn or a detour. I remember trying to do a lemonade stand a time or two as a kid and being disappointed with the sorrowful lack of customers. Now as an adult I'm pretty certain that the few people that did stop by did it out of the kindness of their hearts rather than to quench their thirst.

So now I've made it a habit to stop at any and every lemonade stand I see. First I ask them what they're offering, giving them a chance to talk up their Kool-Aid or homemade brownies. I purchase a thing or two, and usually give them a few extra dollars as a tip. The younger kids make no secret of their excitement- it's common for them to look at each other while I'm still there and share their excitement for the three dollars they just received. The other day I gave too much money as usual, but before I had noticed, they had filled five cups of lemonade all for me. It was a real trick trying to balance them all in the car!

I've had some pretty watered-down lemonade over the years, but somehow it still tastes SO good.



  1. What a wonderful thought - I think we could all take a lesson from the children who man the lemonade stands - life is too short NOT to take advantage of those simple pleasures!
    Thanks for sharing Michael

  2. How wonderful for the children that you read that book all those years ago and have now shared the story with us! Thank you.

  3. Michael, this reminds me of my Dad, who would never pass by a lemonade stand either. And my sons, who couldn't wait to set up their own stand in our little two block subdivision, when school was out and the magical promise of summer lay ahead. What a thrill it was for them also, when a kind soul would stop and buy a glass or two.

    Blessings to you for sharing, and to all those young lemonade entrepreneurs out there at this very moment!