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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Meet Engel

All of our Sneaker friends love to sponsor a sneak attack - it's so much fun. It also gives us a warm feeling knowing that we are helping other Etsy shops get a good start!

Our sponsor today is Linda, better known as Engel from Engelfelt. Linda has been a sponsor lots of times!

Until this summer, Linda was a full-time high school language teacher, and had been for 3 decades. She also ran an exchange program at her high school and took students to Europe every other summer.

Now retired, Linda is helping to interview for her replacement! According to Linda prior to retiring: Raising a family and working full-time is definitely not easy, but you just do it, and have very little time for yourself

Now Linda will have all the time she needs or wants to work on her crafts! Like this adorable child's hat that she has crocheted!

Well, Linda, I have to tell you, when I retired, I thought the same thing - plenty of time to get everything done - yeah! NOT.

How can you work full time, and get all the things done you need to, yet when you retire - there's never enough time? If someone can figure that out for us - please let us know!

Be sure to check out Linda's shop for more delightful crafts! Then come chat with us in the Sneak Attack Thread! We are a fun bunch!


  1. I love Engelfelt's shop! I own several of her items, and will definitely be back for more! Linda is a great lady to work with, and as a Sneaky friend!

  2. GORGEOUS hat! I love Engel's shop. Great Etsian to work with!