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Monday, August 2, 2010

Meet WMS

We have met Heather from Wine Makers Sister before, as she is a frequent sponsor of our Sneak Attacks! And if Heather's past sponsoring is any indication - there will be some fabulous 'victims' tonite at 4pm.

Having found out about the Sneak Attacks early on, when a co-member in an Etsy group was a 'victim', Heather fell in love with the idea the sneak attack. I could immediately imagine how a "victim" might feel when she/he first saw those emails coming in to let them know about their sales. I love the way a group of people could work together -- each doing a small thing -- and make such an impact on a new seller. Etsy can be a huge, impersonal place. Sneak Attacks suddenly make it warm and personal.

Heather loves everything about knitting and has taken coffee mugs and hand painted sayings using calligraphy. Any knitter would love these mugs as gifts!

Check out all the other knitter items that Heather has! Then join us at our Sneak Attack thread!