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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Our Handmade Movement Shop & LaRue Fashions

Today's Sneak Attack is sponsored by LaRue from LaRue Fashions and the Handmade Movement Shop!

LaRue is our coordinator for the Sneak Attacks, approves the 'victims', and maintains the Sponsors list for upcoming Sneak Attacks! Lots of work and she does a super job!

According to LaRue: When I was MUCH younger, my grandmother taught me how to crochet. I put it away for years. It is something that I can work on in the living room with my daughter

And boy does LaRue do a terrific job with her crochet too! Like this scarf...

Our Handmade Movement Shop is a collaborative effort! The items that are donated come from other Etsy shop owners who support our efforts in paying it forward by 'attacking' new Etsy shops. The proceeds from sales will go toward promoting and organizing Sneak Attacks and maintaining this blog!

There are a number of delightful items to choose from, including this Suncatcher...

Purchase something from our shop and help support the Sneak Attacks!!

Our attack will be happening at 6pm today - Etsy Time - there will be 4 'victims' so you are bound to find something you will love! Hope to see you there. In the meantime, come chat with us in the Sneak Attack Thread.

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  1. Very nice write up! I think LaRue does a fantastic job and I'm glad to see she is getting recognized for it. Here is to you LaRue!!