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Monday, September 13, 2010

Meet WMS

One of our frequent sponsors, Heather from Wine Maker's Sister, is sponsoring again today. Sponsoring what? Why a Sneak Attack of course! And you can be sure that she will have some fantastic 'victims' for our attack that takes place at 7pm, Etsy time.

Not only does Heather run her family's winery, but has lots of hobbies! I'm deeply involved with knitting and spinning. The winery, that I run, grew out of my dad's hobby run amok, and I tend to be a bit obsessive about my hobbies as well. I love to make things for knitters and spinners (stitch markers, painted mugs, rubber stamps, notecards, etc), but save the actual knitting and spinning for my "free" time. I find them very relaxing.

Many of the items that Heather makes for knitters are stitch markers - and these are just too adorable for words...

Check out the rest of the stitch markers that Heather creates. And come share in the fun that we will be having today at our Sneak Attack thread!

1 comment:

  1. WMS always picks great shops for the sneak attacks that she sponsors! I bought a hand carved rubber "fragile" stamp from her quite some time ago and use it for most of the packages that I send. I also bought the cutest little sheep stitch markers from her and gave them to Annette (Stockannette) for Christmas last year since I was her Secret Santa!