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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Meet Beady

As we get closer to Christmas, things are heating up. And talking about heating up - we have a NEW sponsor today, who is ready to dazzle you with the shops that she has picked as 'victims'.

Becky, from Beady Eyed Monster, is our sponsor today. When I asked Becky how she decided on the name of her shop, she said After much pondering, I looked at my office filled with beading items and contemplated the obsessive nature I have. I had to admit that I was hoarding the items much like a dragon/monster might guard treasure.

Found these beautiful earrings in Becky's shop:

Be sure to see the other wonderful creations that Becky has in her shop. Then come chat with us in our Sneak Attack thread! You are sure to find those gifts you have been looking for :D

And today is the drawing for our giveaway on the Handmade Movement site. Be sure to enter!


  1. Love Beady's work! I think she is gonna have an awesome Sneak Attack tonight!

  2. this is a wonderful idea ...good job