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Monday, November 8, 2010

Meet Castle & Sandi

The weather is getting chilly, and what better way to stay warm, than to stay indoors and chat with us today, as we get ready for the Sneak Attack co-sponsored by Beth from Castleco and Sandi from Sandi's Stash!

Whether you are a veteran sneaker or a new one, you will notice that we talk a lot about our pets! Says Beth We have many cats, owning only two: Prince, who likes to live up to his name and expects to be pampered, and Pepper, a black cat rescued from an awful situation. The other cats either came with the house (yes, we were told about the one cat at the time we signed the papers for the house) and other roaming cats in the neighborhood. They’re like a little cat gang, going from house to house, expecting to be fed and then returning to their own homes.

Sandi says We have 2 indoor cats - Orville and Wilbur, an outside cat named 'Little Girl', and 2 new kittens - Sweepea and Bubba (actually we think Bubba is a girl). We got the 2 kittens to take the place of our oldest cat who recently passed away. His name was Bitsy cause he was so tiny and fit in the palm of my hand when we got him. We used to have a ton of beagles, that my dh took care of and used for hunting. But as he's been getting older, it seemed to be too much work and not enough fun! So a number of his hunting buddies now have the dogs.

Come chat with us in our Sneak Attack thread and find out about other pets :D It's lots of fun, and at 7pm Etsy time, you will find out about our latest 'victims'!

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  1. Excited to see the way cool shops that Beth and Sandi picked out...I know they will be great! Yay!