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Friday, February 18, 2011

Earring and Pendant Matching Set

February 18th – March 3rd:

BBGArtistry on Etsy is giving away a gorgeous Matching Earring and Pendant set

This jewelry set is one of the pieces in BBGArtisty's new Dazzlers Collection called the Psychedelic Chili Pepper. The color and textures WILL dazzle you. :)

Did you ever fall in love with that special pendant or set of earrings but decided not to buy it because you could not find other jewelry to coordinate it with? Now you don’t have to worry because this set contains both!

The colorful chili pepper pendant measures 2.5” x .75” and, as you can see, the pierced earrings are small and dainty posts. This set will look stunning with your outfits. With all the color it should go with just about everything!

dazzler set black chili

All pieces are handmade and fired in a kiln for 24 hours to slowly cool down the glass (anneal) to ensure that it is strong and durable.

Here's what you'll get:

  • Pendant with matching earrings

  • black chili dazzler set w chain

A little bit more about BBGArtistry :

"I have a real passion for color and texture. I draw my inspiration from so many places: people I know, The Holy K Trinity (Kandinsky, Klimt and Kahlo),Nature,animals and good old fashioned life life experiences."

Find out more about  from her easy profile.

We know you won’t want to miss this generous giveaway from  so here is how to enter to win:

  • Send an email entitled “I want to win this!” to handmadegiveaway@gmail .com.

  • If you have an Etsy shop, include it in the email so you’ll get some free exposure for it if you win!

  • The winner will be announced in the Sneak Attack Day Forum Thread on March 3rd. You can access the Forum Thread through the Handmade Movement site that day. You will receive an email if you are not present in the Thread and you are the winner!

If you would like to donate something for a future giveaway and get your Etsy shop in the ‘Spotlight’, send an email with the subject “I’d like to donate” to handmadegiveaway@gmail.com.

You will receive instructions on how you can take part in this giveaway and be a part of The Handmade Movement.

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