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Monday, March 14, 2011

Meet Castle

Have you met Castle yet? She is sponsoring the Sneak Attack for tonite, and she always has such wonderful 'victims' I expect that tonight will be no exception :D

Castle from Castle Co has been making handmade soap for quite some time, and loves what she is doing. Something that I didn't realize is that handmade soap takes time to 'cure'. Says Castle: Curing time is between 4-8 weeks and scents/appearance change during that time. It's interesting to see the end result since there were some batches I didn't think started off very well, but surprised me as time went by

As much as I like Castle's cucumber soap, I think the pumpkin one will bring back memories of family gatherings.

What is your favorite soap in Castle's shop? When you have decided, come chat with us at our Sneak Attack thread today!

And don't forget to fill out our Handmade Movement survey. Help us make the Handmade Movement and Sneak Attacks better. Include your email address for a chance to win a gift certificate too!

1 comment:

  1. Beth from Castleco makes awesome soaps! I snuck up on her and got some for my Mom as a gift- she loved it!