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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Meet LaBeq

Beq from LaBeq became the captain of our Sneak Attack team at the beginning of this year. And she is doing a great job!

I recently asked her how she got involved in the Sneak Attacks.

Her answer:
I can't quite remember! By the time I came across the sneak attacks, I had already done similar things on my own, seeking out people with no sales to buy from. But I like having the organized group effort now!

A number of months ago, I purchased a pair of LaBeq's bobbin lace earrings. This is a craft not normally seen, and they are gorgeous! You will find that LaBeq has several colors that she uses - want to find out more about bobbin lace - see LaBeq's policy page

Here's a pair that I really love!

Check out the other earrings and more at LaBeq's shop and then come chat with us during our thread today before the Sneak Attack tonite that will start at 7pm.

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