DATE: Wednesday, June 28th; 2pm, EDT

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Monday, March 21, 2011

Meet LaRue and Budd

I'm so excited about our Sneak Attack today! We have a husband and wife team sponsoring.

We have LaRue of LaRue Fashions and Budd of Budds Photo

We have met LaRue before. A gal, who like me, has an obsession for yarn! And many of the items in her shop reflect the wonderful creative use of that yarn. She has items for your kitchen and bath, adult items made of yarn and the cutest children's hats too! I love this one...

Budd is a wonderful photographer. Budd started out collecting tintypes and soon after fell in love with actually taking the pictures. After several years of taking 'people' pictures, Budd decided to concentrate his efforts on nature.

Right now Doug is in college, so his shop is kind of bare - but I wanted to show you his amazing talent - in one of his sold photographs!

Our sneak attack starts at 2pm today - very early in the day! This is great because it gives international Etsy people the chance to join us for lots of fun - before they go to sleep :D It also provides lots of time for you to browse the shops of our 'victims' all day long.

Be sure to check out LaRue and Doug's shops and then join us in our sneak attack thread to find out what clues our sponsors are giving us!


  1. A cute couple that will surely pick some awesome shops for us! Yay Budd and Rue!

  2. Nice article and what a pretty hat!!! Love the fluffy white accent!
    Way to go Lisa and Doug!!!