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Monday, March 7, 2011

Meet WMS

Have you met Heather from Wine Makers Sister yet?

She is sponsoring today's Sneak Attack at 5pm Etsy time!

As her name implies, she runs the business end of the wine making business for her family. With all that going on, she still finds time to create adorable stitch markers for her knitting friends! Like these:

When I asked Heather:

If you could think of one thing that you would like to do with your shop that you haven't done so far, what would it be?

this was her answer:

I don't have any lofty ideas for it... I really enjoy seeing how customers respond to my work and using that as an inspiration. I started my shop with general items and have slowly moved toward more and more knitting/spinning-related stuff. It fits my interests well (I adore knitting and spinning) and the fiber community seems to really like being able to purchase little gifts like mugs and stitch markers that fit with their interests.

Now I won't tell you what creations Heather is thinking about making for her shop, but you can be sure you will love them!

Join us tonite at 5pm for the Sneak Attack and come chat with us at our thread!

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