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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Meet Beq

When ever we have a sneak attack, the sponsor always gives us clues to the upcoming 'victims'.

Beq from LaBeq is the captain of our Sneak Attack team and is sponsoring our attack today at 6pm Etsy time. I wonder what the clues will be!

Did you know that Beq does wood working? When I asked her how she learned how, she said:
Well, I first learned some woodworking skills in my shop class in middle school, then took another class my junior year in high school. I've always loved wood as a material. My lace making is what got me into the wood turning, though--my parents got me a bench-top lathe so I could make my own bobbins. I've been pretty much self-taught on the lathe, and I keep expanding my scope of what I can do on it!

When I was in school (way back when) girls took home ec and boys took wood working. Good for you Beq!

Here's an example of the wood working skill that Beq has developed This kaleidoscope is just perfect for your pocket or your desk!

In the past, when Beq sponsored an attack - she sang her clues. What an entertaining way to keep us looking forward to the clues!! Will she sing today? I don't know, but you should stop by our Sneak Attack thread and see. And then be sure to come back here at 6pm, to see who our 'victims' are!

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  1. I love this kaleidoscope. I wish I could look inside it! <3