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Monday, June 13, 2011

Meet WellCriated

One of our newer Sneaker team members, Well Criated is sponsoring the Sneak Attack tonight at 7pm, Etsy time. She has sponsored a couple of times since she joined, and the shops she has introduced us to have been fantastic. We know the shops for today will be just as great!

I asked Well Criated: what got you started with your Etsy shop?

We've (Mom too) ALWAYS wanted to start a crafty or artsy business, especially together. But it was when we got our first few Alpacas (almost 7 years ago), that we really decided on a solid plan and direction.

At first, my parents were just into Alpaca sales, breeding, and stud services. It wasn't until a few years ago that we actually started doing something with the fiber! Before that, we were pretty much just hoarding and hoarding it! After awhile though... our garage got pretty darn full of fiber, and we decided it was time to do something - ANYTHING - with it! That was when we got the felting bug.

Haha Hoarding - we all know about that!

Well makes the felted jewelry - like this piece:

Be sure to check out all of WellCriated's adorable items in her shop and then come chat with us in our Sneak Attack thread as we get ready for our 'victims'!


  1. MoreThanStitchesJune 13, 2011 at 6:54 AM

    Preparing myself for tonight's Sneak Attack. Would be my first time... LOL Hep Hep Hooray!!!