DATE: Thursday, July 20th; 2 pm, EDT

SHOP NAMES: To Be Announced

HOST: SayItWithBlooms

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Meet UU

Get ready for a Birthday Party! Our sponsor today, UU (Wendy) from UUendy and Friends is having a birthday, and everyone is invited to come dressed in their favorite party hat!

During the day, you will see lots of party outfits as more and more sneakers join us for some fun, and Wendy gets ready to introduce us to 3 new Etsy shops!

Everyone has a special reason for joining the sneak team. When I asked Wendy about her reason she said:
I love the idea of doing good things anonymously.

And that seems to be a reason that many of us joined, we don't do it for recognition, we do it to help other Etsy shops get a great start to their business.

Wendy's shop is filled with all kinds of fun items! One of her latest endeavors are twisted rope bracelets - I love the color of this one!

Take a look at the other bracelets as well as earrings and so much more that Wendy has in her shop and then come join us at the Sneak Attack thread as we wait for the count down to 8pm Etsy time!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Meet Castle

Today's Sneak Attack is sponsored by Castle of Castle Co. A frequent sponsor, Castle always picks a fun group of Etsy shops as our 'victims'.

I recently asked Castle what was in the works for the rest of the year. New Scents?
I have a few new scents that I’m making right now, which is a Summer Citrus (lime and orange) and Orange Cucumber. I also have Jasmine Rose, Spiced Cranberry, Autumn Spice (orange, cinnamon & clove) and Blueberry Muffin to make. The toughest part is finding the right colorant, especially since I try to use natural colorants (and have succeeded so far).

If you can't decide which scent you like or which soap to purchase from Castle's shop, check out this sample box and you get free shipping too!

Be sure to see all the different scented soaps that Castle makes, and then come join us at our Sneak Attack thread as we get ready for the festivities at 7pm!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Meet MsBitty

What a glorious day! We are having a Sneak Attack on a Saturday, with a brand new sponsor!!

Our sponsor is MsBitty of Ms Bitty Knacks who creates original mixed media art in collages, clay dolls, paper mache, assemblage, and paintings of a whimsical nature.

I recently asked MsBitty how she came up with her shop name.
This is the one question I get the most and I must give 100% credit to THESAURUS. Yes, funny as it may sound. I was looking for a catchy and fun name; so after some word play and lots of Google searches to make sure it was unique; MsBittyKnacks was born from (Maria's little crafts). Once again got to love thesaurus.

There was so much to choose from in MsBitty's shop to show you. And I know it's a little early to be thinking about Halloween, but this scary trick or treater caught my eye!

Be sure to check out all the other neat things that MsBitty creates and then come on over to our Sneak Attack thread as we get ready to surprise some new Etsy shops!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Giveaway: Fun Baby Hat!

July 14– July 28:

Stockannette on Etsy is giving away this super cute baby hat!!


Baby hat details: fits 14 to 17 inch head.


Machine wash (warm), tumble dry (low). Yarn is 75% Merino Wool, 25% Nylon.
This adorable would be a fun baby gift or photographer's prop, since it has an elf-y, stocking cap kind of vibe.


The hat, peak, and tassel each measure about 4.5 inches, in alternating yellow, brown, green, orange, and purple stripes.


A little bit more about Stockannette:

What does "Stockannette" mean? There is a stitch in knitting called "stockinette." Since my name is Annette and I knit every day, Stockannette became the name of my Etsy shop!

Find out more about  from her Etsy profile.

We know you won’t want to miss this generous giveaway from  so here is how to enter to win:

  • Send an email entitled “I want to win this!” to handmadegiveaway@gmail .com.

  • If you have an Etsy shop, include it in the email so you’ll get some free exposure for it if you win!

  • The winner will be announced in the Sneak Attack Day Forum Thread on JULY 28th. You can access the Forum Thread through the Handmade Movement site that day. You will receive an email if you are not present in the Thread and you are the winner!

If you would like to donate something for a future giveaway and get your Etsy shop in the ‘Spotlight’, send an email with the subject “I’d like to donate” to handmadegiveaway@gmail.com.

You will receive instructions on how you can take part in this giveaway and be a part of The Handmade Movement.

Meet Happy

Our sponsor today is Happy Hound Creative

We are always 'HAPPY' to have HAPPY sponsor a sneak attack! She finds the neatest new Etsy shops to introduce us to!

With a small one, and another on the way, I asked Happy what she does to relax.
I have a screened in porch on the back of my house that overlooks the "woods" - it's incredibly quiet and peaceful. It can be 100 degrees outside and my porch for some reason stays nice and cool.

Notice the "woods"? Living so close to the woods, Happy and her family have been known to see bears in the area!
I tried to find something in her shop that had bears in it - but decided to show you these adorable invitations that can be customized for your party!

Be sure to plan your next party by getting your invitations from Happy's shop! And come chat with us in our Sneak Attack thread. It's lots of fun, and we would love to 'see' you there!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Come join us for a Sneak Attack!!

We have a lot of sneaker members - each one LOVING the feeling of helping new Etsy shops by buying, hearting, and providing views to the items in those shops. It's a very gratifying feeling to know that you have been part of helping someone get a great start.

Would you like to join us and get that feeling too? Check out our team.

Come chat with us today during our latest Sneak Attack thread

Not able to buy? That's OK, just being there, and sharing in the fun makes our attack special!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Meet Castle

Yeah, it's Sneak Attack day. We've had a little break, due to scheduling issues and a holiday - and now we are raring to go in introducing new Etsy shops to the community!

And what better way to get back into the swing of things than to have a terrific attack tonite at 7pm, sponsored by Castle, from Castle co.

If you have never visited Castle's shop, you are in for a treat! Castle creates handmade goats milk soap. If you have never tried it, you are in for a surprise. Once you try your favorite handmade soap, you will never go back to commercial ones!

All bars are handmade using the time-honored cold-process method and include the following ingredients:
* Goat’s milk has long been known for its moisturizing properties.
* Olive oil is noted to help the skin maintain it’s natural moisture levels, both protecting the skin and letting it breathe, as well as for its cleansing qualities.
* Coconut oil is chosen by many soap makers since it is known help harden the bar and for its lathering qualities (bubbles!).

And once you are hooked - be sure to get some for family members. You can even have them gift wrapped!

Be sure to pick your favorite handmade soap from Castle's shop, and then come over and chat with us during our sneak attack thread.

See you there!