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Monday, August 8, 2011

Meet The Art

Our sponsor today, Amanda from The Art of Pieces is brand new! We love new sponsors cause they always have fresh ideas when searching for their 'victims'.

If you haven't seen her art work yet - you are in for a treat! I asked Amanda how she gets her inspiration for her paintings -
i get a lot of my inspiration from music and what it does to me. i've always painted with music in the background, and i've almost always waited for the inspiration to find its way to me. it's not something i can push out, it's something i have to be open to receiving. sometimes i'll see something that strikes me - usually a colour or a texture, and i'll want to put it on paper or canvas.

Something as simple as heart can evoke wonderful emotions...

I know you will find something that will touch your heart as well at Amanda's shop. Then come join us as we chat in our Sneak Attack thread and get ready for the sneak attack that starts at 7pm!

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