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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Meet BooBoo

Are you ready for some fun?? Well, we are having a sneak attack today at 5pm Etsy time, sponsored by BooBoo from BooBoo Zoo

If you haven't met her before, you are in for a treat! Lots of fun clues, and some super new Etsy shops to be introduced to! Like BooBoo, who was a 'victim' about a year ago, you will get to see some new 'victims' today!

BooBoo loves to sew and her popular BooBoo bags are perfect for anyone who has a headache, tummy ache or muscle ache. And this one, I just found in her shop will be very popular with the teachers, now that school is getting ready to start!
Help your teacher relieve the stress after a long day! Microwave or Freeze this fun pack to help with all of life's Boo Boos!

Be sure to check out all the terrific things that BooBoo has to offer in her shop. And then come on over and chat with us during our Sneak Attack thread!

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