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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Meet Castle

One of our frequent sponsors Castle of Castle Co is sponsoring today's Sneak Attack. And from past experience, Castle comes up with the most delightful and exciting new Etsy shops as our 'Victims'!

I recently asked Castle - Anything going on in your life that people would be interested in hearing about?

I’m a nerd. I’m known for being very organized and I’ve returned to school a few years ago to take mathematics courses so I can sit for actuary exams, which should occur in 2012. I love 3-ring binders, office supplies and like to window shop at Staples. Oh I love a gal who is organized! Maybe we could get some tips :D

This soap, that I found in Castle's shop - Savory Sangria - memories of celebrations - and no hang-over!

Pick your favorite soap from Castle's shop - and then come chat with us at our Sneak Attack thread. See you there!

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