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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Meet MsBitty

Woo Hoo - I love a Saturday Sneak Attack. They are so great - more sneakers can stop by since most don't work on Saturday! And today's Sneak Attack is being sponsored by MsBitty of MsBitty Knacks

I asked MsBitty how she found out about the Sneak Attacks.
I actually found the sneak attack site via Scatterbrain Tees. (made by Michael of Phippsart, the artist who started this great group) I loved the "Buy Handmade" Tee (which by the way I own one). From there I checked the group saw what I liked and joined. At first, I only checked in during the attacks, but then began chatting more and more and just love the little niche. The sneaky members are SUPER AWESOME!

I was browsing through MsBitty's shop and found this adorable journal, just right for anyone who loves to write!

There are lots of creative items to see in MsBitty's shop. Spend some time there and then come on over and join us in our Sneak Attack thread for some weekend fun!

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