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Monday, October 3, 2011

Meet WMS

I'm Sandi from Handmade By Sandi. I have been talking about our sponsors since July 2010. The very first sponsor I blogged about was WMS from Wine Maker's Sister. And today I'm sharing some more information about her, like the fact that WMS has been here, almost from the beginning of our Sneak Attacks which started back in September 2008. Yeah WMS!

So isn't it fitting that she be the first sponsor of our 'New Beginnings' - with a new blog, a super team, and a passion for helping other new Etsy shops get a great start!

I asked WMS how did you get started with the Sneak Attacks?
I learned about Sneak Attacks on the 3rd or 4th attack. Very early on! I was a member of EtsyGreetings team. One of the other members of the team had been "attacked" at the previous Sneak Attack and let the other team members know about it. I fell in love with the whole idea of a Sneak Attack. I could immediately imagine how a "victim" might feel when s/he first saw those emails coming in to let them know about their sales. I love the way a group of people could work together -- each doing a small thing -- and make such an impact on a new seller. Etsy can be a huge, impersonal place. Sneak Attacks suddenly make it warm and personal.

'Discovered' a really cute item in WMS' shop - a cell phone charm made to look like a spinning wheel. Well if you love spinning as much as WMS does, you will adore this hanging from YOUR cell phone!

Now if you are as obsessed with fiber and knitting as many of us in the team are - you will love all the goodies you will find in WMS' shop! Find your favorite... And then come join us at our Sneak Attack thread, as we get ready to surprise some new Etsy shops at 3pm Etsy time!


  1. WMS never fails to give us an awesome Sneak Attack!

    Love the new blog!!!

  2. WMS comes up with unique shops everytime!

    Love the write up! Great job.