DATE: Thursday, June 22nd; 2pm, EDT

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Meet Bead & Sandi

Don't you just love it when two members of the Sneak Attack team, co-sponsor an attack? You can do it too - just let us know you are interested in sponsoring and we'll 'team' you up with one of our 'veteran' sneakers!

Today's sneak attack, at 4pm, Etsy time, is being sponsored by Lisa from Beadsoul and Sandi from Sandi's Stash Shop

Lisa does something special for her customers: All items come ready for gift giving in a lovely gift box and ribbon- complimentary, of course! Lisa also have black velvet drawstring bags; perfect for guitar picks!

I was browsing through Lisa's shop to find something unusual to show you - boy did I find one. This pendant of a soaring bird is so gorgeous - you just have to have it!

Sandi's shop is all about stash - whether it's yarn, fabric, or really unique items. Check out this little storage container - birdhouses, little drawers, and a place to put a roll of paper towels. It can hang on the wall or sit on a table - so convenient!

Be sure to visit our sponsors' shops and see all the goodies. Then come chat with us today, at our Sneak Attack thread, as we get ready to meet the 'victims' at 4pm!


  1. Today is a double-whammy of the best kind! Wooo!

  2. So happy to sponsor again- even better being a sponsor with Sandi!! Yay!