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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Meet Crystal & Annette

I love it when we have new members sponsoring a Sneak Attack. And love it even more when we have 'veteran' sponsors helping out! Our co-sponsors today, for the Sneak Attack at 6pm Etsy time, are Crystal of World of Mine, and Annette of Stock Annette - two wonderful sneak attack members who love helping new Etsy shops get a great start!

I recently asked Crystal how she came up with her Etsy name.
World Of Mine just came to me, my kids are my world, my amigurumi is for them, so this is the weird, cute, whacky world of mine! Plus, every time i make a new critter i have a line of kids asking 'mine?'. Then a few arguments over who's it is, so i just tell them they're ALL MINE!!

And yes, Crystal makes Amigurumi patterns as well as the actual amigurumi to delight any child. Like this one:

How did Annette come up with her shop name:
What does "Stockannette" mean? There is a stitch in knitting called "stockinette." Since my name is Annette and I knit every day, Stockannette became the name of my Etsy shop!

Annette is one of our favorite knitters and she loves making hats for babies and toddlers. Here's one of her latest creations - don't you just love it!

Come on over to our Sneak Attack thread as we get ready to surprise some 'victims' at 6pm today!


  1. Aww, thanks for the feature! I'm just the co-pilot for while our Aussie bombshell is sleeping. That bee really floats my boat.

  2. What great sponsors! I am certain that today's attack will be amazing as always!