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Monday, January 9, 2012

Meet Karen & Crystal

A new year, a new sponsor, and new Handmade Movement members! What more can you ask for?

Although we have already had 1 sneak attack in the new year, I love to say Happy New Year, the whole month of January!

We have a brand new sponsor today - Karen from KNJewelry. Not only is Karen brand new to sponsoring, she is also co-sponsoring with Crystal from World of Mine, who is not so new at sponsoring (she has sponsored once herself!). Between these two gals - they are going to rock this Sneak Attack by introducing us to some fabulous 'victims'.

I asked Karen - what prompted you to be a Sneaker?
In all honesty I am one of those newbies that thought I would become a Sneak Attack victim if I joined…But even though that was not the case I love this group. They are so supportive in many aspects that I can’t leave.

Karen makes the neatest jewelry. I have never worn a barefoot sandal before - but this is so cool looking, I just might have to try!

I also asked Crystal the same question.
I was a sneak victim earlier this year, sponsored by courtney from yarns2dye4!

I found this adorable 'Mini-Me' zippered purse in Crystal's shop - I love to stuff as much as I can in mine - you will see that this little purse will hold lots of your goodies! And the flower really makes it unique.

One of the best things about our handmade movement and our sneak attacks, is that we get to see new Etsy shops, presented to us by sponsors who love to help others and share the love and excitement of this team! And you too can join and become a part of this great way to help new Etsy shops get a terrific start. Just check out our Handmade Movement blog for more information. And then come have fun with us in our Sneak Attack thread as we get ready for our attack that starts at 3pm Etsy time!


  1. Awesome Write up Sandi---Thank You! I am thrilled to Debut as a sponsor with lots of help from Crystal (World of Mine)

  2. Double the fun! I bet these two found great shops! Is it 3:00 yet?