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Monday, January 23, 2012

Meet Kristen

One of our newer members, Kristen from K5Art is sponsoring the Sneak Attack today at 6pm.

Recently I asked Kristen how she decided on the name of her Etsy shop.

My favorite item to make jewelry out of is a Scrabble tile so it seemed fitting to incorporate that into my shop title. Since my name starts with "K", I chose to use the "K" Scrabble tile. The value of the "K" Scrabble tile is 5 and what I create is art. So when it all comes together, "K5 Art" is who I am and what I do!

And you should see some of the Scrabble tile art that Kristen creates. You will love it! Like this one, just perfect for Valentine's Day. You can put a little note inside.

Be sure to pick your favorite scrabble tile creation from Kristen's shop and then come join us as we get ready to meet new 'victims' of our fun sneak attack at the Sneak Attack thread!


  1. Love the write up Sandi, have fun today Kristen I know we will.

  2. Loved reading about the origin of your shop name, Kristen!
    Nice write-up, Sandi!

  3. I will, Krafty Granny, and hope everyone else does as well! Thank you MadeByHand!