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Monday, February 6, 2012

Meet WMS

One of our fiber lovers is sponsoring the sneak attack today at 3pm. Heather, better known as WMS from Winemaker's Sister, has been sponsoring for quite a while.

Since we have so many new members, I wanted to fill you in on a little bit of information about her.

I asked Heather what her role was in the winery:

My sister is the winemaker -- I do pretty much everything else outside the wine cellar. I supervise staff, do the marketing and PR, run events, deal with all our wholesale sales... basically I'm the face of the winery.

A very busy gal with the winery, being a sponsor, and creating a selection of items for your favorite knitter - such as this set of owl stitch markers! Whew - when does she have time to do it all :D

Be sure to see all the items that Heather creates, and come join us at our sneak attack thread as we get ready to surprise another group of new Etsy shops that Heather has found.

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