DATE: Thursday, July 20th; 2pm, EDT

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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Meet Susanne & Sandi

It is my pleasure to be co-sponsoring with one of our new Sneak Attack team members!

Susanne from SussesSpindehjrne. Susanne's shop features hand spun yarn, hand dyed yarn and luxurious knitwear.

I am always interested in how shop owners decide on the name for their shop. So when I asked Susanne, she said:

It's the name of my blog and since I mostly sell hand spun yarn, I think the name fits well. Spindehjørne is Danish for spinning room.

Since lots of our sneak team members are obsessed with yarn and fiber, and purple is a popular color for many of us - we all love this item in Susanne's shop!

By now, I think most of you know me as Sandi from Sandi's Stash.

With a passion for fabric, and always buying too much, I offer fabric that is left over from a project, rather than having it sit around.

Many times, that fabric is in pieces too small to sell. So one of my favorite ways to give it a new home, is to package a bunch of pieces together and sell them as PIF Grab Bag (Pay it forward), only charging shipping. This way, others can take the scraps and make things to donate.

After you have oooed and ahhhed items in Susanne's shop and gotten those scraps from me for your charity projects, come chat with us in our Sneak Attack thread as we get ready to meet the shops that Susanne has chosen to surprise today!


  1. Great job Sandi I know we will have a great day today.

  2. I have a great day, this is really FUN