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Friday, March 16, 2012


Home of the SNEAK ATTACKS!

Since taking over the team in October, my leaders and I have been making a lot of changes. It is still a work in progress and will be as we continue to become stronger as a team.

We are starting some exciting things to generate more interest for people who are participating and to get more member participation.

During each month, 3 of the weeks we will have special activities on one of the non-Sneak days:
• One week we will be doing a game that we call the $20 Thingy where someone starts off buying from another shop from the list of participating shops that day and we pass that $20 around buying from each other until the next Sneak Attack. The last person with the $20 when the Sneak Attack begins has to buy from one of the "victim" shops. Judy of JustForTheShellOfIt is the organizer and leader for this fun activity.
• One week we will be holding a BNR/BNS, which was very successful our first time! Summer of SummerWilson8 is leading this activity.
• And the 3rd week we will be doing HEART ATTACKS where we will be looking for new shops, no matter whether they meet our criteria, and we will heart their shops and make treasuries all day! We are still working up the rules for this. Crystal of WoldOfMine is our leader for this activity.
• Then a week of only doing our regular Sneak Attacks and a little breather from formal activities.
• During our regular Sneak Attacks we do a Treasury Challenge using clues that the Sponsor gives to try to guess the shops (similar to Capture the Flag) and if the treasury makers get any of the shops in their treasury, they get a free ad put up on our blog for a month or until we have another winner, whichever comes first. Summer, of SummerWilson8 came up with this fun game.
• Every 2 weeks we have a GIVEAWAY on our blog here.  Shops donate an item to be given away and we have a random drawing for the entries. Maria of MsBittyKnacks is our leader for this and is taking over for HappyHoundCreative who is on maternity leave.
• Where would we be without our BusyBee, Stockannette? Annette of Stockannette takes care of all of our Twitter, Facebook and reminder emails for us and helps out where ever we need her.
• Our weekly blog write ups about our Sponsors and after the Sneak Attacks, about our “Victims” is Sandi of SandisStashShop. She also helps out where ever we need her as do all of our leaders.
•Wendy of UUendysCraftyCorner has taken on a gigantic project for us. She has been working on spreadsheets of our members and trying to get a handle on who is participating and who isn’t. One of which is trying to weed out the members who just signed up to say thanks for attacking them and then we never see them again; those that join thinking they are going to be attacked and when they find they aren't don't bother to remove themselves, defunct and empty shops, etc. It has been a daunting task and Wendy has been working on it for months. Now that everything is organized it will be much easier to manage. Unfortunately along the way members may have been removed by mistake. If you feel you were one of these, please just rejoin and contact me, PaintedMemoriesByRos, to let me know. Etsy doesn’t allow us to just re add your shop, so it is necessary for you to rejoin.

You can see we've been quite busy trying to strengthen our team and would really like you to beome a part of it. You can find all of our information and rules here

Wishing all of you many Sales!



  1. Wonderful changes - and lots of ways for people to get/stay involved! Tiny little bee hugs to you all!

  2. Lots of exciting things in the works! I hope to catch as much of it as Morgan allows.

  3. Wonderful changes in the works!

  4. Great Changes! This will definately make the team stronger :)