DATE: Thursday, July 20th; 2pm, EDT

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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Meet Virginia

Today, our sneak attack is being sponsored by Virginia from MadeByHand. One of our newer members, Virginia is always promoting our sneak attacks and the Handmade Movement, as well as creating wonderful treasuries for us to enjoy and ooh and ahh over!

Because the Handmade Movement/Sneak Team is all about giving back - I thought you would be interested in Virginia's way of supporting that idea.

I've crocheted for various charities over the years, but the one that I have focused on since 2008 is called HAP (The Handmade Afghans to Thank Our Armed Forces Project) This 100% volunteer project creates handmade afghans that are sent to military hospitals in Afghanistan, Germany, and all over the US as a way to say "Thank You" to those wounded in service to our country. Since I'm from a military family and I love to crochet, HAP's a perfect fit for me!

Being from a military family myself, I can't tell you how moved I was to hear about Virginia's giving back. God Bless You!

Knowing how beautiful Virginia's crocheting is - like this scarf, I can just imagine how stunning the afghans are as well.

Be sure to check out all of Virginia's crocheting - I'll be you will find something that is perfect for YOU!

Then come chat with us in our Sneak Attack thread as we get ready to surprise some new Etsy shops at 4pm Etsy time.

Friday, May 25, 2012

SNEAK ATTACK ON 1,000th SHOP 5/24/2012


Our 1,000th "Victim" is a charity shop that assists disabled young people to grow and flourish through the art of crafting. They have learned to crochet, knit, loom and quilt, rubber stamp and the wonderful world of machine embroidery. The Angels group has provided training and leadership to over 70 teens and adults, and the organization continues to grow. This shop fit in nicely with our mission of helping others and Paying It Forward!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Meet Ros and Sandi

On this very special day - introducing the 1,000th Etsy shop to be attacked, Ros from PaintedMemoriesByRos and Sandi from HandmadeBySandi have teamed up to kick off the PARTY!!

Both Ros and Sandi are 'retired' from the outside work force.

Says Ros:

I'm retired but I worked for a plaques and awards company for almost 17 years as their art director. I was responsible for the layout and design of the awards, supervising any other artists that may have been there and in general getting everything to production including quality control and trouble shooting any problems that might arise with the design during production. It didn't leave me much time for my own art.

Now that Ros is 'retired' she loves being able to do her art. And recently she teamed up with another member to fashion a new creation - art on fabric!

Says Sandi about being retired:

For years I worked as a computer programmer, was on the computer all day and loved every minute of it! Now that I'm retired, I still love playing on the computer and writing about my hand crafted work on Etsy!

One of our other team members asked Sandi to create a beer bottle cozy - and Sandi thought that was a great idea to go along with the coffee cozies that she already makes. Sandi went a step further and created one just for the ladies complete with a ruffle!

Whatever you are looking for - art or handcrafted, you will be sure to find something that appeals to you in these two shops!


You will see everyone wearing their party outfits and we are so ready to ROCK AND ROLL. Come chat with us today in our sneak attack thread, see if you can guess who our special shop is by checking out the clues - you might want to create a treasury too! The attack starts at 6pm Etsy time.

In addition - we have a give away this evening as well - so if you haven't entered yet - you still have time!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Sneak Attack Shops 5/21/2012

Our Sponsor today, Theresa of KraftyGrannysHome
has made a beautiful treasury of
her "Victims" and a few Sneak Team Members!

And another lovely treasury of our "Victims" 
by Amanda of CuteNCurlyBowtique!

Meet Theresa

Theresa, from Krafty Granny's Home is sponsoring our sneak attack today at 4pm Etsy time.

A frequent sponsor and wonderful Etsy treasury maker, Theresa always finds the cutest shops to introduce us to. And there will be 3 of them.

I asked Theresa where she gets her inspiration:

I really don't know where my inspiration comes from sometimes things just show up in my little brain and I go with it, sometimes I see something and start figuring how I could change it and make it better. From an early age I was always fascinated with colors and the blending of them I think that's why I love to quilt, choosing and picking out the right fabrics to make a piece of art that I can be proud of.

Theresa's quilting talent is first class. Many of the items in her shop are quilted, but I have to tell you that I am kind of partial to her wall hangings. I have one from her shop and I love the detail and love that she put into it! Here's one of her latest.

In addition to wall hangings - Theresa makes pot holders and placemats - oh I'm sure you will find just the perfect addition to your home!

Come join us in our sneak attack thread as we see what kind of clues Theresa has for us to help up guess who the new shops are.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Meet Maria

Maria, better known as MsBitty, from MsBittyKnacks is sponsoring our weekend Sneak Attack. I love weekend sneak attacks because it allows more people to come and chat all weekend long.

 I asked Maria what prompted her to join Etsy.

I have always crafted as a hobby, ever since I can remember. One day searching for some black spool I found Etsy, immediately got hooked. After lots of browsing and having heard many times from friends and family that I should sell my stuff I decided to take the plunge.

It was hard to decide which of Maria's items I would show you - as everything is so adorable. But I finally decided on this door hanging - which is perfect as a gift or for yourself. Indulge.

The start of the sneak attack is 11am Etsy time today (Saturday, May 19th) - but we will be chatting with each other in our sneak attack thread before the attack starts and all weekend long! We are a chatty bunch and very friendly. Be sure to join us :D

Monday, May 14, 2012

Sneak Attack Shops 5/14/2012

May 14, 2012 Treasuries!

This Treasury is by Theresa of KraftyGrannysHome

This Treasury is by Amanda of CuteNCurlyBowtique

Meet Amanda and Sandi

Amanda from CuteNCurlyBowtique and Sandi from Handmade By Sandi are co-sponsoring the sneak attack today at 6pm Etsy time (EDT).

Sandi has sponsored many time, but today is Amanda's first time sponsoring and she is so excited!

I asked Amanda, what prompted her to join this team:

I joined the Handmade Movement after reading someone's reaction to being a sneak attack victim in another team. Their genuine reaction of excitement and happiness made me want to be apart of that. I've always been the pay it forward type of person and this team is a great fit for me

 Amanda makes the cutest bows for little girls. I have a hard time when I go to her shop to decide on which is my favorite!

Aw this one is so cute - with the little garden worm in the center!

Sandi, who has been a team member for a number of years, always loves to help new sponsors. She is looking forward to introducing the shops that Amanda has selected!

When asked why she joined, Sandi said :

I wanted to do something nice for someone else. I have a blog and I love writing - so I wanted to write something about the sneak attacking and perhaps get more people interested in joining. This is such a fun group -

Sandi loves everything handmade and it shows in her shop. One of her favorite items is her felted bowl collection - and this one is truly unique - wouldn't it look great on your desk!

There are so many delightful items in Amanda's and Sandi's shops - you are sure to find something just right! Come join us as we chat in our Sneak Attack thread and get ready to meet the newest 'victims'.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Sneak Attack Shops 5/10/2012

We Have Two Beautiful "Victim" Treasuries for This Sneak Attack!

By a new member Isa of IsaStyle 

And From Theresa of KraftyGrannysHome 

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Meet Kristen

Kristen, from K5Art, is sponsoring our sneak attack today at 5pm. A frequent sponsor, Kristen can always be counted on to find the cutest 'victims'.

I asked Kristen if she has any pets.

I have 6 cats ranging from 1 yr to 14 yrs. Their names, starting from the youngest on up, are Jasper, Scooter, Nicholas, Squeaky, Rambo, and Byron.

Well I'm a cat lover too - so I browsed through Kristen's shop to find just the right scrabble tile pendant - and oh my, I had so much trouble picking just one that features cats! This one had me giggling :D

I'll bet you love pets too - well find your favorite cat or dog scrabble tile pendant - they are so adorable.

And be sure to join us in our Sneak Attack thread as we get ready to meet Kristen's new Etsy shops.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Sneak Attack Shops 5/7/2012

Theresa of KraftyGrannysHome has made another beautiful treasury of our "Victims"

Meet Heather

Heather from Winemaker's Sister, or WMS as she is better known, is our sponsor today for our 3pm Etsy time Sneak Attack!

One of our 'veteran' team members, Heather has sponsored a number of times, and you can always be sure that the 'victims' she will select are wonderful and many of them have something to do with fiber - an obsession for many of us!

Over 2 years ago, I started writing these 'meet the sponsor' blog posts and decided this morning to go back to my first interview with Heather and let you know why she chose to participate in the sneak attacks.

I asked - how did you get started with the Sneak Attacks?

I learned about Sneak Attacks on the 3rd or 4th attack. Very early on! I was a member of EtsyGreetings team. One of the other members of the team had been "attacked" at the previous Sneak Attack and let the other team members know about it. I fell in love with the whole idea of a Sneak Attack. I could immediately imagine how a "victim" might feel when s/he first saw those emails coming in to let them know about their sales. I love the way a group of people could work together -- each doing a small thing -- and make such an impact on a new seller. Etsy can be a huge, impersonal place. Sneak Attacks suddenly make it warm and personal.

An avid knitter and spinner, Heather is always creating items for that knitter in your family. I especially love these little note cards celebrating the mother of modern knitting at her 100th birthday back in 2010.

If there is a knitter in your family - you can be sure you will find just the perfect gift for him or her at Heather's shop. Then come chat with us in our sneak attack thread as we get ready to meet the 'victims' who will be revealed at 3pm!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Meet Susanne

Susanne from SussesSpindehjrne is sponsoring our sneak attack today! A member from Denmark, Susanne is known for her gorgeous hand spun and hand dyed yarns.

I recently asked Susanne what prompted her to become a member of the sneak attack team. I am fascinated by the idea of ​​helping each other and the ability to help others get their shop to grow.

Yesterday, Susanne showed us her latest hand dyed roving - roving that is used to spin yarn, or needle felt. When I went to get a picture of it to show you how great it is, I found that it had already been sold. And no wonder - it's divine!

Don't be disappointed - Susanne has lots more hand spun and hand dyed yarn for you to choose from! And once you have decided which of her rovings and yarns will help with your fiber obsession, come and join us in our sneak attack thread for lots of fun, as we get ready to meet some new Etsy shops at 3pm Etsy time!