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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Meet Ros and Sandi

On this very special day - introducing the 1,000th Etsy shop to be attacked, Ros from PaintedMemoriesByRos and Sandi from HandmadeBySandi have teamed up to kick off the PARTY!!

Both Ros and Sandi are 'retired' from the outside work force.

Says Ros:

I'm retired but I worked for a plaques and awards company for almost 17 years as their art director. I was responsible for the layout and design of the awards, supervising any other artists that may have been there and in general getting everything to production including quality control and trouble shooting any problems that might arise with the design during production. It didn't leave me much time for my own art.

Now that Ros is 'retired' she loves being able to do her art. And recently she teamed up with another member to fashion a new creation - art on fabric!

Says Sandi about being retired:

For years I worked as a computer programmer, was on the computer all day and loved every minute of it! Now that I'm retired, I still love playing on the computer and writing about my hand crafted work on Etsy!

One of our other team members asked Sandi to create a beer bottle cozy - and Sandi thought that was a great idea to go along with the coffee cozies that she already makes. Sandi went a step further and created one just for the ladies complete with a ruffle!

Whatever you are looking for - art or handcrafted, you will be sure to find something that appeals to you in these two shops!


You will see everyone wearing their party outfits and we are so ready to ROCK AND ROLL. Come chat with us today in our sneak attack thread, see if you can guess who our special shop is by checking out the clues - you might want to create a treasury too! The attack starts at 6pm Etsy time.

In addition - we have a give away this evening as well - so if you haven't entered yet - you still have time!


  1. Awesome write-up -- loved reading about your "past" lives!
    Can't wait for today's sneak... 1,000 -- wow!

  2. It is a wonderful write up about 2 very great lady's and their wonderful shops. Can't wait for the 1000 reveal!!!!

  3. BRING IT! I'm ready to Sneak! Special thanks to Ros and Sandi for all they do to keep us rockin' and rollin' - and to everyone else who helps, and sticks with us, and Sneaks! LOVE!