DATE: Thursday, July 20th; 2 pm, EDT

SHOP NAMES: To Be Announced

HOST: SayItWithBlooms

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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sneak Attack Shops 7/30/2012

Once again Lynn of LolaLynn and Peggy of Oceanpeg have given us 2 beautiful treasuries of our "Victims" and Sponsor!

Here is Lynn's treasury 

Here is Peggy's treasury 

Monday, July 30, 2012

Meet Theresa

Theresa from KraftyGrannysHome is sponsoring our sneak attack today at 3pm. A frequent sponsor, she can always be counted on to provide fun clues and wonderful 'victims'!

Theresa loves to find new patterns of treasures to create for her shop! You can always find something new that she is working on. Theresa has started a new line of felted ornaments - these are perfect as an extra gift on a package or on your Holiday tree. It's never too late to start shopping for holidays! Here's one of her latest creations. Note the attention to detail!!

Check out all of Theresa's wonderful items, and be sure to shop and order early. Then come chat with us at our Sneak Attack thread as we have fun all day, getting ready to meet and greet our 'victims'.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Sneak Attack Shops 7/26/2012

We end the week with 3 wonderful treasuries showcasing
our "Victim's" shops as well as our Sponsor!

The first is by Theresa of KraftyGrannysHome

The second is by Lynn of LolaLynn

The thrid is by Clarissa of CobblestoneCreekFarm

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Meet Susanne

Susanne from SussesSpindehjrne, is sponsoring our sneak attack today at 4pm Etsy time. One of our international members, she is always here chatting with us, even though her time is later than ours. Really dedicated and fun!

Susanne has sponsored before and she always picks the nicest new Etsy shops for us to meet and greet. Susanne has just returned from a recent visit to England. I wondered if she had anything in her shop that would remind me of England and London - having been there myself.

I found this wonderful yarn - with blues and greys and white. It reminds me of the weather in England, grey and cloudy one minute and blue skies the next!

You will love all the yarn and fiber that Susanne has in her shop - they are gorgeous and can be made into so many things. You too, can be obsessed with fiber like many of our members are.

And when you are finished shopping and marking things to go back later to purchase, come on over to our sneak attack thread as we get ready to find out who our 'victims' are - at 4pm today!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sneak Attack Shops 7/23/2012

Lynn of LolaLynn and Clarissa of CobblestoneCreekFarm have given us 2 beautiful treasuries of our "Victims" and Sponsor!

From Lynn

From Clarissa

Monday, July 23, 2012

Meet Summer

Summer, from SummerWilson8 is sponsoring our sneak attack today at 7pm Etsy time. A frequent sponsor, Summer always finds the cutest shops to introduce to us.

I love Summer's attitude - it's always upbeat, and she has so much fun creating:

I design and create my own jewelry collection. Most of my pieces are one of a kind, but a few items have duplicates. I also love finding unique charms and turning them into fun earrings.

Did you know that Summer has another Etsy shop? It's SW8PaperAndStuff - in this shop Summer creates the cutest gift tags as well as having stash items on sale. Aren't these adorable???

Do check out both of Summer's shops - as she has a wonderful collection of handmade items for you to choose from - for that gift list that you have already made (you haven't? Now's the time to start!).

Then come chat with us during the day in our Sneak Attack thread, as we get ready to meet the 'victims' that Summer has chosen!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sneak Attack Shops 7/19/2012

Lynn of LolaLynn has given us a beautiful treasury of "Victims"
and our Sponsor, Virginia of MadeByHand

Clarissa of CobblestoneCreekFarm has also given us a beautiful treasury of "Victims" and Sponsor!

Meet Virginia

Virginia from MadeByHand is sponsoring our sneak attack today at 4pm Etsy time. Virginia has sponsored a few times, and always finds the cutest shops for her 'victims'!

I recently asked Virginia how she decided on her Etsy shop name.

I love handmade things and when I joined Etsy back in 2006, I typed in MadeByHand and it was available! 

And because I'm an avid crocheter as well, I love what Virginia creates for her store. Like this beautiful granny square scarf!

When you see all the crocheted goodies in Virginia's shop - I KNOW you will find something for everyone on your gift list!

Then come chat with us in our Sneak Attack thread as we have fun getting ready to meet the latest new Etsy shops! And be sure to sign up for our latest Giveaway - the drawing is tonite.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Lynn of LolaLynn has made this fantastic treasury
of our "Victims" and Sponsor!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Meet Lisa

Lisa, better known as Bead from Beadsoul, is sponsoring our sneak attack for today - that starts at 5pm Etsy time.

A frequent sponsor, Lisa always comes up with the cutest shops for us to purchase from, view all their goodies, and share lots of love!

Lisa has been part of our team for 3 years! When I asked her what new creations she was looking to create - Lisa said:

I really would love to try my hand at enameling and to get more confident in soldering/metalwork- taught myself some more metal arts recently and it was a blast!

As I was browsing through Lisa's shop this morning - and I love everything that she does, I came across something very different from her usual stamped jewelry. I just love this new pendant - part of her soldering/metalwork endeavors.

Lisa is having her 'Christmas in July' sale going on right now - so take advantage of the savings while you shop for terrific items to use as gifts!

Then, once you are done shopping, come chat with us in our Sneak Attack thread as we have lots of fun today getting ready to meet the 'victims'.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Today Debra of BasketsByDebi made this lovely
treasury of our "Victims"!

Theresa of KraftyGrannysHome has given us another lovely treasury of our "Victims" shops!

 Hannah of BananaOrangeApple has also made a lovely
treasury of our "Victims" and some Sneaky members!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Meet Summer

Summer from SummerWilson8 is sponsoring our sneak attack today at 5pm Etsy time.  Summer is helping out Anau from OfaLahi today - as Anau has a family emergency - and the sneak team and the handmade movement team is all about FAMILY!! Anau contributed the shops that Summer will be introducing to us!

Summer has sponsored several times over the last year and we can always count on her to give us some neat clues to keep us guessing!

If you haven't met Summer - she is very creative, loves life, and she teaches dance.

I own and operate a dance studio with an attached boutique where I sell dancewear and some of my jewelry and candles

Browsing through her shop this morning - I fell in love with these adorable earrings! What a wonderful way to express her joy of dance!

I'll bet you will find other earrings in Summer's shop that will express your joy as well! Be sure to let us know which ones you fell in love with :D.

Then come and chat with us today, in our Sneak Attack thread - as we get ready to meet those 'victims'.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Summer of SummerWilson8.etsy.com has captured our latest "Victims" in these glorious colors!

Lynn of LolaLynn.etsy.com has also made a beautiful treasury of our "Victims"!

Meet Sandi

Sandi from Handmade By Sandi is sponsoring our sneak attack today at 4pm.

Sandi loves to crochet and you can find a number of items in her store that she has created. I found these browsing this morning and think they are just great! A pair of heavy duty trivets or dishcloths - these are made with extra thick crochet cotton yarn. And even though these look like Christmas colors - they can be used year round!

See what other crocheted goodies are in Sandi's shop and then come chat with us in our sneak attack thread as we get ready to meet the latest 'victims'.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Sneak Attack Shops 7/2/2012

Mary of bowsngifts made this eye popping treasury
of today's "Victims" and a few Sneaky Members!

Meet Anau

Anau, from OfaLahi is our sponsor today, for the sneak attack that starts at 2pm! Love those early sneak attacks - international members will still be awake!

A relatively new member, Anau has sponsored a couple of times before and selected some adorable shops for us to meet and greet. You can be sure she will be introducing us to some great shops today as well.

I recently asked Anua where she got her inspiration for her creations.

I get inspired by God, and faithfulness in my life, by my culture (Tongan from the South Pacific), people's lives, generosity, my family, and from challenging oneself

I love the greeting cards that Anau creates. My favorite is the rooster - we have one that crows for us each morning!

Find your favorite card or maybe some of the jewelry that Anau makes, in her shop. And then come chat with us in our Sneak Attack thread as we get ready to meet those 'victims' that Anau has selected!