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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Meet Virginia

Virginia, from MadeByHand, is sponsoring our sneak attack today at 3pm. A frequent sponsor and avid treasury maker, Virginia always picks some wonderful shops and provides fun clues so many of our members can create treasuries too!

Since pets are an important part of our family, I always like to ask our sponsors about theirs.

Says Virginia:

DH has a tank of tropical fish. And...

we had a desert tortoise that we rescued after we found him walking in the street near a canyon. He was so interesting and loved to eat lettuce and watermelon. Did you know that they hibernate in the winter?

We thought "Mr. T" escaped from the back yard because we couldn't find him. Then in the spring, we started hearing this scratching sound in the storage shed and it was Mr. T waking up from his long slumber! We were better prepared the next winter and made him a nest


Having absolutely nothing to do with pets - but lovin' the colors is this gorgeous crocheted hot pad (I have some that I've gotten from Virginia). Purple is one of the favorite colors of many of our members - is it yours too?

Pick your favorite colors in Virginia's shop - there are so many to choose from! And then come chat with us in our sneak attack thread - while we try to guess who our 'victims' will be!

Be sure to sign up for the latest giveaway - the drawing will be in one week!


  1. Aah sweet! Can't wait for the attack!!

  2. Wow! I love that you shared the Mr. T story!
    Thanks, Sandi! I have a big smile on my face!

  3. That is a great story, a great potholder and I know the shops will be great too! Yay sneak attacks!