DATE: Thursday, June 22nd; 2pm, EDT

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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Meet Lynn

After a day of some holidays, today our sneak attack is being sponsored by Lynn from LolaLynn. The 'victims' will be revealed at 4pm Etsy time.

Lynn, makes the neatest paintings for her shop. And it's a family project. Here you see Lynn's grandson taking part in the creation of a turtle painting.

I love that Lynn has passed on the creative gene to other family members. It's always a fun time when family is around the table sharing in the love of art!

You will find a number of paintings done by Lynn as well as other family members, in her shop - I know you will love them as much as I do. I have a cat one and it's so different!

After you have found 'your' painting - please come and join us in our Sneak Attack thread, as we get ready to have a fun day! We are having a giveaway this evening. Be sure to enter!


  1. Love the write up Sandi!! I bet it will be a fun sneak!

  2. Great write up Sandi, I know she has picked some great shops.

  3. What a lucky kid, getting to create with his grandma!

  4. Great, and I have 2 wonderful turtle paintings created by Lynn and her grandson, and she is painting wonderful kitties too

  5. Lynn does wonderful work... and her assistant is doing a great job!

    Awesome write-up, Sandi! Thanks!