DATE: Wednesday, June 28th; 2 pm, EDT

SHOP NAMES: To Be Announced

HOST: xEsFunThings

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Monday, January 21, 2013

Meet Wendy

Wendy, from uuendyscraftycorner,  is sponsoring the sneak attack today at 4pm.

Wendy, or better known as Time Kitty - who keeps us on time as we get closer to the sneak attack time, is one of our west coast gals. Wendy loves to keep us guessing all day long, with the fun clues that she supplies! And it looks like Wendy is having us guess the clues and not just the shops!!!!

Wendy makes the cutest earrings for little girls, and some of them are seasonal. Since we are in winter, I fell in love with these -

I'll bet if you like these earrings as much as I do - you can get Wendy to make you a pair of adult earrings!

Come join us in our sneak attack thread as we get ready to have the 'victims' revealed to us at 4pm!


  1. Wendy has such cute earrings and more in her shop.

  2. It's snowing here today - these are VERY appropriate!

  3. I love all Wendys cute earrings and have a lot of them my self

  4. Yay, Wendy! A fun sneak ahead -- can't wait!!

  5. Cant wait to see what Wendy found :)