DATE: Thursday, June 22nd; 2pm, EDT

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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Meet Theresa

Theresa from KraftyGrannysHome is sponsoring our sneak attack today at 3pm.

A frequent sponsor, Theresa always finds the cutest shops to surprise.

I did some research and Theresa was Sneak Attacked in November of 2011 by Wendy! Way to go Wendy.

Since then Theresa has been constant presence in our team, encouraging new shops, offering advice to members and being one of our top Treasury creators - we call her a Treasury Guru!

And, Theresa is always coming up with fantastic creations for her shop - here's her latest - a business card or gift card case. Talk about re-gifting. This gift card case can be given to one person, and they can turn around and give it to the next! Love the little button.

You will love all the creations in Theresa's shop - there is something for everyone on your list!

Be sure to join us in our Sneak Attack thread and see if you can guess who Theresa's victims will be.


  1. Thank you so much for the write up Sandi you are the best.

  2. Ooo, Krafty is a GOOD shop-picker!!!

  3. Love Theresa's work and she finds great shops to sneak on :)