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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Blast from the Sneak Attack Past June 19, 2013

On November 17, 2008 Christina from www.ChristinaColwell.etsy.com was Sneaked Attacked with love from the Handmade Movement team. Christina creates gorgeous whimsical artwork and sculptures. This amazing piece is one of my favorites.

Christina received 13 sales from the attack and today her shop has 283 sales. Christina also has 3 other very successful etsy shops as well. Here's what Christina shared when I ask her about the Sneak Attack in those early days; 

"Thank you for checking back. The sneak attack certainly got things started as it represented the first of my etsy sales. I hadn't been getting sales in etsy for months after opening my shop so I stopped checking after a while. It was my husband that noticed I had not one but several sales from the sneak attack. I almost panicked because the first sale was a few days old and I like to stay on top of things. But all was well. Thanks to all of you who stopped by and bought art cards and art prints. My art does sell a lot better at local venues where people can see and touch the art first hand but it is always nice to have the additional boost from etsy sales."

Show Christina's shop some love and see what items are your favorites! I love hearing from these past Sneak Attack shops!

See you next week,


This week I was so excited when I saw the next shop on the list was none other than our own Painted Memories by RosNow we all get to know how she got to become captain of this fantastic team.

Painted Memories started out with 7 sales before the Sneak Attack on November 19, 2008 and received 34 sales.  Today she has 277 sales and growing.  Her gorgeous shop features fine art to note cards.  One of her most popular pieces, often included in many treasuries:

This is how Ros came to become captain:
Before I got Sneak Attacked, I was chatting on another thread with Glenna of Vintage Embellishment  who was helping out Michael Phipps, Founder of the Sneak Attacks, and Janet of Trinkets N Whatnots and I mentioned that I had only had a few sales since I had opened on May 15, 2008. They were giving me tips etc.
I can’t remember if Glenna had mentioned the Sneak Attacks then or not. Then on November 19, 2008 I was attacked! Janet had suggested me and was so excited for me to respond, that she could hardly contain herself! But I had been working all day and didn’t get to check my shop until around 8 pm or so. Boy was I shocked! At first I thought it was a scam or something and I wasn’t going to open any of the emails (my husband’s a computer geek, so I’m always cautious)! LOL! Then Glenna sent me a convo explaining what was going on and I just started crying I was so excited! I couldn’t believe it! 34 new sales that day! It was totally exhilarating as well as encouraging! I will never forget it! It gave me a huge boost in confidence as well as wanting to help other new shops to have that feeling!
 That’s how I got involved with the Handmade Movement which has become one of my biggest activities.
When Michael Phipps of Scatterbrain Tees wasn’t able to devote as much time as he wanted to, due to a heavy workload, I took over. There are lots of active members and we have been able to continue with Michael’s wonderful idea.
In September we’ll celebrate our 5th Estyversary!
As Captain of this Team, I am so lucky and proud to work with all of these wonderful, selfless people who are not only willing to help the "victim" shops but each other.
 I want to thank all of my Leaders for stepping up to help keep the team viable and working!
My personal favorite piece from her shop:

I have had the pleasure of purchasing a few of her items and I must say they are wonderful.  Please take some time to browse through her shop and find your own favorites.
I know many will agree with me that we are very blessed to have such a wonderful captain, mentor and friend.
Until next time…Kelly


  1. You two are doing a wonderful job with the past sneak attacks thank you!!!

  2. I love this and what wonderful stories!

  3. Great job ladies!!! Love reading our captain's sneaky story!!!

  4. Thanks for another great write up and for featuring me this week! I can't believe it's been almost 5 years! As Stock would say "SNEAKERS ROCK!"

  5. Thanks for the great write-ups, ladies! It has been so fun to see how the attacks have helped jump start so many shops on Etsy!

    Ros' shop is a special favorite of mine; I love having her cards around to send to customers; her second shop keeps my shop and packaging looking great too!