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Monday, June 3, 2013

Meet Dee and Sandi

Dee from OneOfMineBeadDee, and Sandi from HandmadeBySandi are co-sponsoring our Sneak Attack today at 3pm.

Dee was a 'victim' in March - chosen by one of our other international members -  Barbara - way to go Barbara.

Dee has been very active with the team, coming and chatting in our threads and was eager to be a sponsor!! She is one of our international members and lives in Australia!

A wonderful jewelry maker - wait til you see her creations - According to Dee many of her pieces have a special purpose.

I happen to make jewellery for everyone but which those who have some kind of disability can enjoy wearing too. For those who need easy-to-get-on-and-off pieces, those who can't - or even can't be bothered with - fiddly clasps.

I browsed through Dee's shop this morning and came upon this stunning bracelet that was featured on the front page of Etsy!!

Sandi is a veteran member and sponsor and always likes to help new members get their 'sponsoring wings'. Sandi's shop has a little of this and a little of that, all handmade. Her love is crocheting and here is her latest idea.

A crocheted sleeve for your take-a-long beverage cups!

Check out these two sponsors and their shops - you are sure to find something that you will love!

Then come join us in our Sneak Attack thread as we get ready to surprise some new shops!


  1. Lovely, can't wait to see what shops you two picked for us to sneak!

  2. Great fun today and Dee will do just great with a little help from Sandi.

  3. Great, looking forward to see the shops

  4. Wonderful write-up!
    Looking forward to today's sneak!