DATE: Wednesday, June 28th; 2 pm, EDT

SHOP NAMES: To Be Announced

HOST: xEsFunThings

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Monday, June 24, 2013

Meet Summer

Summer from SummerWilson8 is sponsoring our Sneak Attack today at 5pm. A dance instructor, Summer uses her crafts as a way to relax in between classes.

A 'victim' of a sneak attack back in 2010, Summer has been a very active member! And a very active crafter!!

I was browsing through her shop this morning to see what was new and boy did I find something very exquisite. Look at this gorgeous hair comb for the girls in a wedding.

And of course since I'm obsessed with earrings, I'm always looking at the earrings that Summer has created - you will love them too - check out all her creations.

Then come join us in our Sneak Attack thread, as we get ready to surprise Summer's 'victims'.


  1. Great write up Sandi..great things in Summer's shop.

  2. Lovely write up Sandi!

    Summer makes gorgeous earrings, looking forward to the shops she picked for us.

  3. Ooo... lovely find in Summer's shop; she is so talented!
    Thanks for the write-up, Sandi!

  4. Great hair comp, I love Summers stuff. Nice job Sandi :0)

  5. Thank you guys! And thank you Sandi for the wonderful write up!

  6. Beautiful comb!! Summer has some great items. Love the write up!!