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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Blast from the Sneak Attack Past July 31, 2013

On March 4, 2009 Dana from BeadDameDesigns was Sneak Attack with love from the Handmade Movement team. Dana creations gorgeous handmade jewelry. Everything from necklaces, to rings, to bracelets. See for yourself, she has something for everyone!

I recently had the pleasure of asking Dana how the Sneak Attack affected her, here's what she shared; 

"The sneak attack on my shop was (obviously) completely unexpected! I was so thrilled to see all of the orders come in, since my shop had only been open for about 2 months at that time. It was a bit like being thrown in the deep end of the pool and learning to swim as far as how to process and ship all of the orders, but definitely a welcome learning experience! It was also a jump start to my shop, and being able to have positive feedback from my customers has led to additional sales. Etsy is the only place online that I am currently selling my jewelry. I also sell my jewelry at a local farmers market every Wednesday, and I am signed up to do several craft/art fairs on the weekends throughout the summer and fall. I would just like to say thank you to whoever came up with the idea for doing the sneak attacks, and to everyone who has participated in them. It was such a wonderful surprise to experience, and one that will not be forgotten!"

Dana's shop received 19 sales from the Sneak Attack, today she has over 120 sales. It's so wonderful to hear how these shops are doing. Please stop by BeadDameDesigns and pick a few favorites of your own.

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This week I got the pleasure of visiting the shop VTGroundhog, a pretty shop featuring unique floral magnets and notecards.
VT Groundhog was attacked on March 2, 2009, started with 0 sales and ended up with an impressive 22 sales from the Sneak Attack!

I sent Krista, the shop’s owner, a convo and this is what she had to say:

Well, I must say my initial reaction was surprise (and some trepidation until I read the entire message and realized "sneak attack" is a good thing). The sneak attack allowed me, at the time a brand new etsy user, to make some sales. I'm not currently selling on any other online venues.
 Thanks for the followup,

I just loved browsing through this shop and found this to one be my personal favorite!
Take a look around and find your own favorites and maybe find something you just have to have.

Until next time (August 14)….Kelly


  1. Fantastic job Amanda and Kelly! I always look forward to reading your articles!

  2. Great write-up! Good job, Kelly and Amanda!