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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Blast from the Sneak Attack Past August 14, 2013

This week I had the pleasure of visiting Reverie Creations, a lovely shop featuring handmade cards to home décor.

Reverie Creations was Sneak Attacked on January 23, 2009 and resulted in 12 sales for her shop!  I asked the shop’s owner, Mandee, some questions and this is what she had to say about the attack on her shop:

Although many years ago now, the Handmade Movement Team's sneak attack affected my shop in so many positive ways. It obviously gave me some of my very first sales, but it was more than that. I became a little more confident in my craft. It was hard to wrap my head around anyone wanting to spend their hard earned money on something I created, but after the attack it wasn't so 'unimaginable'. It's been forward momentum since...both in sales and in the variety of hand crafted items I offer.

 It's almost embarrassing to admit, but the attack reduced me to a kid at Christmas....jumping up and down wearing a smile bigger than my head!! Certainly a good feeling.

 I still sell the majority of my items through Etsy, but I also do local craft fairs during the holidays. A lot of my business has grown through custom orders and word of mouth.

 I try to create pieces that I love...always paying special attention to the smallest of details, and I tend to gravitate towards vintage embellishments such as lace, hat pins, jewelry, burlap, aged fabric and anything else with a touch of history behind it. A part of me ends up in every item I create, and it's always bittersweet when they're purchased, but I've come to realize that Etsy buyers appreciate the personal aspect of handmade. I feel very strongly about the quality of products found on Etsy, so I try to purchase my supplies or any gifts I might need from other Etsy artist. Paying it forward is ALWAYS a good thing. I can't help but feel that if The Handmade Movement hadn't sneak attacked my shop all those years ago, I might have given up on my THANK YOU!

 All the best,

I just loved browsing around her shop as many of you know I love butterflies and look what I found:
I just love how she purchases supplies from other Etsy shops and wants to pay it forward, something many of our members can relate to.

Until next time (August 28)….Kelly


This week I got the chance to visit Sarah from KitchenTable46, a fun unique shop that creates everything from ipad cases to hand felted baby booties. These are adorable!

When I asked Sarah about her reaction to the Sneak Attack this is what she shared;

"The sneak attack really helped my shop sales go way up and more people started looking at it. Also, it really encouraged me to make more work and work really hard on my shop. Unfortunately my shop is not doing too well now because I have let it go a bit. I got busy with personal stuff but I've been wanting to renew it lately.

My reaction was "uh oh, what happened? Something's wrong." Haha, I really thought their had been some sort of mistake or technical error. Then when I read about the hand made movement I thought wow! What a nice thing to do for people! I was really really happy!

I'm not currently selling on other venues, just the odd craft show here and there

I think what you are doing is really great and I know for a while after I was attacked i was always looking at the next attacks. Since I got attacked I also wanted to attack :) Anyway, keep it up, you're awesome."

What a wonderful and exciting feeling! Sarah's shop name comes from creating at and around the kitchen table, I think we all can relate to that! Stop by KitchenTable46 and pick a few favorites of your own.

See you soon,


  1. Some new favorites! Thanks ladies.

  2. I love these features :) Its so fun to see what effect the attacks have on the victims. Great job, Kelly and Amanda!

  3. Very well done Amanda and Kelly! Thank you!