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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Blast from the Sneak Attack Past August 28th

This week I had the pleasure of visiting Ashton from Ashton11, her shop was Sneak Attacked by the Handmade Movement Team on May 13, 2009. Ashton has been crocheting since she was a small child and now sells all types of crochet patterns. From mittens and gloves, to cowls and shrugs. Check out how cute these are!

When I asked Ashton how the Sneak Attack affected her shop, here's what she shared;

"The sneak attack occurred for me when I was just getting Etsy going, I had really only mastered the site a few days before, so when such a flurry of orders came in in a short amount of time I was completely in a flutter! I had to make a check list for myself so I could be sure to not to miss any steps in order fulfillment  customer communication and re-listing. (My items are digital and in order to sell them again I had to manually re-list them.)

My reaction to the sneak attack? I was just tickled pink that you thought of me! It was a nice boost to my esteem and a good chance to see what it would be like if I were to become established on Etsy. Which for the most part I have - although with the search engine switch to relevancy and increased competition I've certainly been suffering this past year. My sales have dropped more than 50%. boo!

I do sell on other venues, thanks for asking I have my own retail website: ashton11.com This was necessitated by my drop to obscurity on Etsy search. So, I've learned HTML and website design and I'm enjoying that end of it. But, I do yearn for the heydays on Etsy of a couple of years ago.

I'm also on Facebook - find us at 3CrochetChicks (my Mom and my Cousin Lisa make 3 of us ) OR at our blog: threecrochetchicks.blogspot.ca

Thanks again for the Sneak Attack! I was honored. It's a great thing you're doing."

It's a great feeling to hear right from our "victims" how it felt to be Sneak Attacked. I wasn't part of the team at this time but I definitely feel like we are doing good Sneaking on these newbie shops.  

Today Ashton's shop is doing AMAZING, she has 5400 sales!!! Click around Ashton11 and pick a few favorites of you own.

Until next time,


Blast from the Sneak Attack Past Enchanted Studios

This week I had the pleasure of visiting the shop Enchanted Studios a lovely shop that features soap, candles, photography and jewelry.
Enchanted Studios was attacked on May 8, 2009 and started out with 0 sales and received 14 from the sneak!
I contacted the shop owner, Tanya, and this is what she had to say about the attack:
How Neat!

 I was blown away by the sneak attack!!!!! As a new seller I had never heard of that. I couldn't believe it when I opened my Etsy site and saw all of those orders. I was truly touched that a group would team up to do that. Pretty amazing actually!

 I think my shop benefited by the traffic but I think I benefited mentally also. When you open up your website and see all those orders roll in, it definitely boasts your confidence and puts a smile on your face when you are the newbie on a site as big as Etsy.

 I own a salon and I retail my product there.

 I did I have my products in two local boutiques, but both have closed recently during the recession and I haven't looked for any more boutiques yet.  Maybe next year. I do keep a pinterest board with my current products.

 I would like to tell your team thanks for extending such a warm welcome and caring about the sellers on Etsy. I have enjoyed being an Etsy seller. I enjoy all the forums and the help that is available to further your Etsy business. I also enjoy being a part of all the talented artists here at Etsy.

 Thanks and best regards
 Tanya Aaron

I found many lovely items while browsing this shop but this is my favorite:

I can just imagine myself on that sailboat.  Get yourself lost in this lovely shop and find your own favorites.

Until next time….(Sept. 11) Kelly

Written by Kelly from juBEADlation and Amanda from CuteNCurlyBowtique


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    Thank you Kelly and Amanda!

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