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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Blast from the Sneak Attack Past September 25th

This week I got to visit this cute shop Simply Playing 1.  This adorable shop is full of toys for babies, children and the young of heart made from natural wool yarn that was dyed by plants.

I sent the shops owner, Ann Dolina, a convo about the sneak attack on her shop and this is what she had to say:
I had just opened when my shop was sneak attacked and it was wonderful! They were my first sales and having so many at once was really exciting and affirming that I was creating worthwhile items. So, obviously I was very happy being the recipient of a sneak attack. I have done some other craft sales at Waldorf Schools here in MN, but other than that I sell solely on Etsy. Sneak Attacks are really a great way to help along a new shop and I hope you continue having them.


Simply Playing 1 started out with 0 sales on May 22, 2009 and received 5 sales from the sneak attack!

I just love this toy and the fact that is made of all natural materials:
Take a look around for yourself and see if there something you could get for an early start to your Christmas list.

On Tuesday the 24th this team celebrated its 5 year anniversary of doing sneak attacks on new and undiscovered shops.  Way to go team!  Without all of our support many new shops would give up.  Here's to many more years to come!

Until next time (October 9)...Kelly 


I had the pleasure of checking in with artrepublik, a wonderful shop that has everything from Vintage items to Art. Artrepublik was Sneak Attack on May 25, 2009, receiving four sales from the Sneak. 

I really love the ONE of a kind art, it's amazing! Artrepublik was happy to share how the SA affected their shop;

"The sneak attack allowed me to go from being the shop with no activity to a place of business... a Happening place!!! ...and of course it attracted more sales!

The sneak attack was a wonderful experience, I had just started and to have people I did not know encourage me, buy several items and leave wonderful feedbacks was inspiring! I was quite shocked and very thankful for it!

I have had success recently (this year) with people contacting me to purchase paintings, mostly through my Flickr and Facebook pages. I was without a computer for a year(2012) so I had to close the shop for a while but I am back now.

The "sneak attack" is an incredibly original idea, incredibly helpful and motivating. Please keep doing this and all the wonderful other things you do !!! ... I recommend Etsy to anyone and everyone who wants to listen, all the time... You are awesome!"

I can relate, I recommend Etsy to everyone as well. Great handmade items and wonderful community! Stop by artrepublik and pick a few favorites of your own.



  1. Two wonderful shops I will go visit them and fav, pin & tweet. Thanks Amanda & Kelly!

  2. Nice reviews and great write-ups, Kelly and Amanda! Can't wait to go check out these exciting shops! Thanks!

  3. I enjoyed your write up on these 2 exciting shops! Thanks ladies for doing such a great job with this feature!

  4. Thanks so much, you two! What wonderful shops; us sneakers have great taste :)