DATE: Thursday, Apr 27th; 2pm, EDT

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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Meet Sandi

Sandi from HandmadeBySandi is sponsoring our sneak attack today at 3pm.

A frequent sponsor, and a member for a long time, Sandi's always introduces such cute new Etsy shops to us. And I am sure that today is no exception.

Sandi was never a 'victim' of a sneak attack, but finding this team and seeing their mission told her she belonged here! Says Sandi:

I love the idea of helping others, whether they are my team mates, or new Etsy shops that we select for 'victims'. It gives me a very warm feeling to know that I have made someone's day

And Sandi loves to make someone 's day when she creates her unique felted bowls and baskets. I just love this one - for it's fall color and just how cute it is!

Sandi has lots to choose from in her shop - something for everyone on your gift list. And be sure to join us today at our sneak attack thread to find out a little more about our 'victims' that Sandi has chosen.


  1. That basket is adorable! Sandi is a great sponsor and Sneaker!

  2. Sandi does so much for our team! We love her and admire her talent!

  3. I totally agree with Shell and made by hand

  4. Wonderful Sandi! I love all of your creations!

    Great shops today too! :)